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08. 08. 2018. 16:20   >>  16:20


Overruled ASK’s decision in the Calovic case

The Administrative Court of Montenegro overruled the decision of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption (ASK) based on which the Executive Director of the MANS, Vanja Calovic Markovic, was dismissed from the position of member of the ASK Council.

The court stated that the ASK's decision was unlawful because it was made through violation of several procedural rules, to which Calovic Markovic repeatedly pointed to the ASK Council and the Montenegrin Assembly.

"In its verdict, the Administrative Court found that Calovic Markovic, as a member of the Agency's Council, did not decide on MANS’ initiatives, although the Director of the Agency claimed the contrary, stating that she had thus placed private interest before public. The court also concluded that earnings of Calovic Markovic have been reduced after the conclusion of the contract between the MANS and the European Union Delegation in Podgorica, and not increased several times as the Agency's director repeatedly claimed, " reported the MANS.

The ASK issued a decision on May 29 ruling that Calovic Markovic violated the Law on Anti-Corruption, and notified the Anti-Corruption Committee, which is responsible for the election and appointment of members of the ASK Council.

The ASK stated that Calovic Markovic, while being the member of the Agency's Council, as MANS’ executive director, concluded a contract on December 4, 2015, bringing 149 thousand Euros to that non-governmental organization and which prescribed the obligation to file complaint to the ASK concerning the 2016 parliamentary elections.

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