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27. 06. 2022. 00:00   >>  19:50


"Europe now": average earnings 1,000 euros, minimum pension 450

The average salary 1,000 euros, minimum pension 450 euros, and unemployment zero percent, those are the plans of today established movement "Europe now", which presented former Ministers to Montenegrin Government Jakov Milatovic and Milojko Spajic. As announced, the party Congress will be held at the end of August or early September, when the bodies of the Party will be selected.

The former Minister of Economic Development Jakov Milatovic said that their numbers, during work in the 42nd government, cannot be disputed.

Representing a new movement "Europe now", his colleague, former Minister of Finance and Social Welfare Milojko Spajic, announced  that, despite great political instability, they recorded growth of 7, 2 percent. He stated if they stayed, the average salary in Montenegro  would be on the European level until the year 2026.

"When we took over our Ministries in the 42nd Montenegrin Government, we had corruption, partitocracy, economy  suitable for friends,  stagnation of the EU way, unnecessary dispute with the neighbors, especially Serbia ... But, after the largest economy fall, we had the biggest growth," Milatovic pointed out at the press conference.

Spajic pointed out that they talk about the specific figures, and that they recorded a 7.2 percent growth.

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