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02. 07. 2020. 15:52   >>  15:52 0


MA starts to fly to Paris and southern Italy

The national airline Montenegro Airlines will renew the route to Paris from July 4. This weekend charter flights to the south of Italy start, and from August 1, most likely to Israel as well, the executive director Vlastimir Ristic told Radio Montenegro.

He notes that for now, there are no indications when the traffic with Belgrade will be renewed. He expects that the implementation of the Law on Investment and Consolidation will begin, which will ensure that the domestic airline pays off debts for taxes and contributions to the state, but also to the Airports of Montenegro, for which a total of 60 million euros is needed.

"Montenegro Airlines has shown social responsibility and by connecting the routes in complex conditions, it has connected Montenegro with Europe and the world," Ristic said.

He announced that the company's planes would fly to Paris again from July 4, but not every day, which was the case in the earlier for the summer months of July and August.

This weekend, he stated, charter flights to the south of Italy-Bari and Naples will be renewed, and in the second half of July to Rome, but not with Lisbon, as was planned earlier. A charter flight to Tel Aviv is also arranged.

According to Ristic, the renewal of flights to Russia is also of interest.

He is optimistic that this could happen in August, and then extend to the postseason.

"It is not realistic to expect that we will do something with Russia in the peak season now. However, I hope that if the weather conditions help us, we will move the season to the post-season and then make a result from that market," Ristic said.

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