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AGREEMENT REACHED 28. 12. 2018.   >>  16:56 0


HD signal transmission to start November 27th 2019

Historical day for Radio-Television of Montenegro (RTCG). The contract on the second phase of digitalization of the National Public Service, worth 11.4 million euros, was signed. The RTCG CEO Bozidar Sundic said that employees and management would like the broadcasting of HD signal to begin on November 27, 2019, when the RTCG will celebrate the big jubilee - 75 years of Radio and 55 years of Television of Montenegro.

The CEO Bozidar Sundic signed the Agreement on Digitalization of the National Public Service with the representatives of the Montenegrin companies Cikom and Sipa, and the BFE from Austria.

"This is a historic moment for the RTCG. This second phase of digitalization will modernize our media, which will give every Montenegrin citizen digital signal next year. In the 2019, a jubilee year, when we celebrate 55 years of Television and 75 years of the Radio of Montenegro, the RTCG will stand side by side with European televisions, " said Sundic after signing the contract.
The project costs 11.4 million euros, and, according to the management, it presents both the obligation and the honor "that this generation will be the one to bear this significant state project".

The RTCG will be on the same level as the ZDF, ARF, ORF...

"The employees and management want the HD signal to be broadcast on November 27, 2019 on the RTCG Day. At the first place, I would like this message to be heard by our business partners ," said Sundic.

The representative of the Austrian company BFE Peter Dinkel said that the Radio Television of Montenegro after this project will be at the level of the Austrian ORF, and the German channels ARD and ZDF.
Lenka Djurovic, on behalf of Sipa, emphasized that she shared happiness and joy "to digitize our most important media in Montenegro together", while Cikom Executive Director Nenad Vranes expressed pleasure that his company is part of the RTCG digitalization project.
"It is of the utmost importance that Montenegrin companies carry the part of the project," Vranes said.
The second phase of modernization of technical capacities of RTCG includes the studio capacities of Radio and Television, and with its completion, the National Public Service gets the most sofisticated technology available on the market.
The end of 2019 is the deadline to start broadcasting all TV and radio programs from the new system, and all TVCG channels will be broadcast in HD resolution .
Digitalization will give us the ability to broadcast the events in ultra HD resolution , while broadcasting will be fully automated. This will enable us to have precise program schemes and excellent integration with web services.

Recently received modern OB truck

Television in this way also gains new production capacities, which means the possibility to increase the scope and quality of the produced program.

Radio, Television and Portal will be fully linked into unique technological unit, which opens the possibility of creating a multimedia desk - every journalist works for the RTCG, not just for one medium. Montenegro Radio will become faster, more flexible and modern, and present on all platforms.

With significant progress in image and sound quality, the RTCG will increase its audience.
Recently, after receiving reportage car , the RCTG got new OB truck, thus completing the first step in the modernization of the National Public Service.
For this purpose, we will also have 13 cameras, or 17 if two OB trucks are interconnected. In that case, the signal could be sent via satellite.
One of the cameras has the ability to wirelessly connect to the vehicle. One has the possibility to super slow image reproduction up to eight times and all other up to three times.
The car also has state-of-the-art audio and video equipment to meet FIFA and UEFA criteria.


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