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SERBIA - KOSOVO 05. 04. 2013.   >>  17:01 0


Offer from Brussels even worse, learns Blic

Offer for the Kosovo north presented in Brussels the day before yesterday is even worse and gives less to the Serbian community than the previous 8-point solution, Blic learns.

It included some of the solutions requested by Belgrade, but under condition that the region includes the southern part of Mitrovica as well. That would practically mean that the Albanians would constitute majority in the north.

As Blic further learns Serbian negotiating time has been given a deadline until Tuesday, April 9 to say if it accepts the solution from Brussels or not. Serbian leadership has decided that until then Serbia Parliament declares its stances over the proposal.

The last offer was more like a solution how to dissolve Serbian institutions in the north than a constructive proposal for legal arrangement of the institutions in Kosovo north. It seems that every next proposal might be even worse judging by the fact that the latest solution envisages including of the southern part of Mitrovica into the so-called region north.

‘Allegedly, Belgrade’s request that the north gets regional police commander was accepted. However, the condition for that is that the southern Mitrovica is included in the region what would practically mean that the Albanians would constitute a majority and thus propose a regional police commander’, Blic source says.

Further, not only that a court of appeal would be out of question but, according to the last proposal there would be only the so-called panel courts. They would not be located in the cities in the north, but would be in session at various locations, including Mitrovica.

‘Indirectly, by request that the southern Mitrovica is included in the region, Pristina, with consent by the USA and EU rejected to constitute the north as a region. It is unacceptable for us that the southern Mitrovica is included because about 70,000 Albanians are living in it, while there are about 43,000 Serbs in the north only.

Practically in that case Albanians would be majority including at decision making’, our source adds.

Pristina representatives were much more determined in their stances than earlier. They also rejected that the money from Belgrade goes to bank accounts of the health and education institutions. Instead, they requested that all payments go exclusively via Kosovo Government’s account.

‘Kosovo Prime Minister said on several occasions ‘you may agree or not, but it shall be so in the end’, Blic source says.

At yesterdays meeting at the Presidency the top officials did not make a final decision. As we learn, they assessed the damage in case that the agreement is signed or refused. Our source claims that ‘there is a latent threat that a solution is enforced onto Belgrade and that although it has not signed anything that is going to be implemented in the field with the support by the international forces’.

As Blic learns from diplomatic circles in Berlin, Germany and the USA do not want to waste any more time on Kosovo. They insist that the agreement is reached immediately.

As we learn new rounds of negotiations are not in plan what practically means that the talks between Belgrade and Pristina are over.

‘A new meeting can take place only if Belgrade decides to sign the agreement’, our source says.

Serbia Prime Minister Ivica Dacic says for Blic to be satisfied about the manner in which the delegation from Belgrade was representing the national interests.

‘Belgrade was constructive and showed readiness that the agreement is reached. Everything we are going to decide in the days to come, shall be decided uniquely’, Dacic says. Today he travels to Paris for meeting with the French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault in an attempt to get support for Serbian proposal and requests.

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